Established in 2011, Chenglin Innovation Co., Ltd. is an experienced domestic expert in waterproofing and skinning. The construction method does not require brick removal, directly covers renovation and cost savings, and is also the largest coatings company in Asia. (Nipponpaint-holdings), Hong Kong Shanglibang Coating Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch, an important construction partner in Taiwan for many years. NIPPON PAINT Nippon Paint - Founded in 1881 by Mr. Mogi Kyujiro in Tokyo, Nippon Paint has developed into an internationally renowned exterior wall paint group. It has obtained the ISO14000 international environmental protection certification and sales channel through the internationally authoritative ISO9001 quality management system certification. It has 33 factories across more than 113 countries and regions in North America, Europe and Asia. It has more than 12,000 employees and produces more than 1.8 million tons of paint every year, and its turnover ranks among the top 3 in the world.


ChengLin Innovation Old House Exterior Wall Waterproof Skinning Expert, recognized by Nippon Paint, Taiwan's best external wall waterproofing and peeling engineering company - Chenglin Innovation Co., Ltd., external wall waterproof construction method and skinning process are all in accordance with Japanese standard construction . The whole process adopts NIPPON PAINT Nippon Painted Exterior Wall Waterproof System Construction, which has the ability to cover all the tile materials, the exterior wall is waterproof, the leather is directly refurbished, leveled and covered, and no bricks need to be removed! Quickly help you make old house renovations with short construction schedules and low costs.


According to statistics from the Taipei City Government, Taiwan’s street-view houses are old, and many buildings are not only dirty, but there may be a “tile rain crisis”. The average number of old houses over 30 years old in the city is as high as 630,000. It accounts for 69% of the city's residential buildings. There are thousands of buildings in Taiwan that are in urgent need of external waterproofing. However, the old house renovation and repairing exterior walls do not have to be "demolition tiles". You can use the Asian sales champion Japan Nippon Paint. The system is constructed and the old house can be refurbished. The residential building is beautifully polished after the leather is lifted. It not only looks good, but also enhances the waterproofing of the exterior wall and the safety of the building after renovation. The house texture and price will increase by more than 10%.


ChengLin Innovation exterior wall waterproofing and peeling service project
1.JAPAN NIPPON PAINT exterior wall peeling, waterproof, heat insulation, anti-pollution method.
2.JAPAN NIPPON PAINT roof peeling, waterproof, heat insulation, anti-pollution method.
3.JAPAN NIPPON PAINT water mold, waterproof, heat insulation, anti-pollution method.
4.JAPAN NIPPON PAINT interior wall texture paint, waterproof, anti-fouling method.