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Interior Wall Construction

Because Taiwan is located in the earthquake zone, the structure of the house is prone to cracks and cracks. The wall pipe and wall structure are prone to water leakage and water seepage. The water enters the crack and the cement produces chemical effects for a long time, causing the wall surface to swell and powder. The phenomenon of morphing and spalling is called "wall cancer."

The wall must first understand that the cause of water leakage is water leakage or structural cracking. It is necessary to first block the cause of water leakage. The cracked wall needs to be water-proof and waterproof, and the problematic area wall should be removed to the structural layer to construct waterproof material. Doing the process of soiling, grinding and brushing is equivalent to rebuilding the wall surface. Rebuilding the bottom layer must be waterproof, in order to effectively prevent wall cancer from occurring in the future. It is recommended to choose anti-mold and anti-bacterial paint on the paint, but if the source of the leak is not handled well, the chance of recurrence after a period of time is high.

It is what we mentioned today that is heavily used and wall-mounted waterproof coatings built in home decoration. The quality of the wall waterproof coating directly determines the comfort level of each of our residents, so it is crucial to choose a good quality interior wall waterproof coating.

Many people like their DIY, and the normal healthy wall repainting is of course no problem, but the problematic wall is not that simple! A lot of wall cancer treatment kits in the workshop, only for locality, teach you to use anti-cancer cleaning agents, can temporarily inhibit the wall cancer continues to occur, but the root cause is not solved, the probability of recurrence is not effectively eradicated, and the general customers lack large tools (such as biting) Wall machine), which is equivalent to painting on the powdered structure layer, it is easy to fall off again.

Chenglin Innovation allows you to save yourself the trouble of painting or looking for work, and pays attention to more small details that are easy to miss, so as to ensure that the homeowner spends a lot of money on every penny. Chenglin's innovative construction adopts the daily standard construction method, the work management is rigorous, the protective film is used to protect the furniture to avoid dust pollution, and the professional equipment such as spraying machine is used according to the work method to improve the construction efficiency and the fineness of the paint surface and reduce the noise during construction. Finished cleaning and furniture homing, more substantial savings after finishing time, easy to help the wall change color, let the home a new look.

Interior wall beauty waterproof SOP treatment process
Wall reinforcement->Waterproof treatment->Seam crack resistance->Bottom smoothing-hanging net crack->Underlayer-wall finish->primer->Multi-layer decorative finish

In fact, the "new" taste of new homes or new furniture is the smell of formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds.
It can cause great harm to the human body:
• Irritating to skin and mucous membranes
• Allergic reactions may occur in contact with the skin, and severe cases may even cause hepatitis, pneumonia and kidney damage.
• Long-term inhalation of low doses of formaldehyde can cause chronic diseases such as chronic respiratory diseases, asthma, and bronchitis
• Domestic studies indicate that formaldehyde can be released for up to 3-15 years
• World Health Organization classifies formaldehyde as a carcinogen
Human discomfort caused by indoor formaldehyde content: It is recommended that if you have a decorating and painting plan, you must take into account the health of your family.

The following is the process of Chenglin's innovative interior wall beauty treatment. We care about the beautification of each home and the health of each home.
Interior wall beauty waterproof SOP treatment process
Wall reinforcement->Waterproof treatment->Seam crack resistance->Bottom smoothing-hanging net crack->Underlayer-wall finish->primer->multi-layer decorative finish
In the process of painting and painting, the paint is often contaminated, and the pollutants in the paint are seriously harmful to the body. How to reduce the damage to a minimum?

Wall paint "killer wall efflorescence", the wall is the largest part of the home decoration, it is especially important to choose a good interior wall paint. Nippon Environmental Paint, there is no smell, there is absolutely no problem after the spray. But in this regard, Nippon Paint's professional technology said that the choice of wall paint mainly to see if it is mildew, alkali, low VOC. The so-called VOC Chinese name is "Volatile Organic Compound", which is the invisible killer of home decoration pollution. It is released in large quantities during the drying process of the interior wall paint. Even after the ventilation, the odor does not exist, but it will slowly spread later. And the mixture of various VOCs and their interactions increase the damage intensity. Therefore, after the house is decorated, indoor air testing should be conducted to determine the actual situation of indoor air pollution.

Chenglin Innovation adopts Japan's Nippon patented coating, which uses exclusive lotus leaf non-staining technology (LOTUS ANTI-DIRT) to make the film highly water-repellent. When water or stains stay on the surface of the paint film, water droplets will form. Like the dew on the lotus leaf, it is not easy to penetrate into the wall. The new type of styrene-acrylic emulsion is also used, and the particle diameter of the component is finer. In the process of film formation, the coating of the powder is better and more complete, and the film is fine and smooth, and the stain is difficult to penetrate and penetrate. Different from other products that emphasize anti-fouling performance, the use of VAE or vinegar-acrylic system, the styrene-acrylic emulsion has a higher effect on the defensive power and cleaning power of the stain. Moreover, the use of advanced anti-fouling technology can make the paint film firm, so that the stain is not easy to be cautious and adhered, and it can be easily scrubbed to keep the wall bright and new.

Interior Wall Construction

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