ChengLin Innovation Co., Ltd., an expert in Rendering External Walls, old house Rendering External Walls, and leather peeling, is the best Rendering External Walls engineering company in Taiwan approved by NIPPON PAINT.

Rendering External Walls

The outer wall is made of the best Japanese Nippon colorful paint, combined with high weathering polymer compound and ceramic glaze powder technology, water-based environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, formaldehyde-free, good elasticity, anti-cracking, high texture, excellent adhesion Force and water resistance, dustproof and anti-algae, make the building last for a long time, with a simple coating method, reproduce various stone lines, with more than 500 kinds of lines, achieving 100% customized design.

100% resin coating, no sand and gravel, smooth surface without voids, excellent stretchability can make up for minor cracks in the base layer, making buildings resistant to pollution, water and weather, providing complete building exterior protection.

In order to ensure the perfection of all construction projects, the company provides customers with the best quality exterior wall beauty engineering, and will provide the following standard testing procedures during construction.
1. Painting environment test: Relative humidity should be below 85%, no rain for 24 hours before and after painting, no condensation, temperature falling at 5 °C~50 °C, and good weather conditions on the day of construction.
2. Confirmation of the substrate status: Confirm that the defects such as crack pores have been fully filled, the surface of the substrate has been cleaned, the concrete moisture content is below 10%, and the pH value is below 9.
3. Control of the coating construction procedure: Confirmation of the plain adjustment, double confirmation of the painting tools, construction methods, dosage, interval..., confirmation of the completion of each coating (construction log).
4. The exterior wall is painted and finished and the final missing improvement test is performed.

Nippon: Precious stone art, old house leather stone paint is a kind of sintered paint made of natural stone, using high-purity natural quartz sand as raw material, sintered at 800 ° to 1200 ° high temperature, combined with ceramic and bone. The material creates a rich color of real stone paint, creating a perfect process like real granite and marble brick.

More than 40 kinds of old house leather stone paint exterior wall color, with the unique texture of real natural stone, multi-diagonal line design, can create a variety of three-dimensional shape structure.

Through the innovative standardization production process of Japan's old house, we use the highest quality Japanese Nippon stone paint to create a high-safety, high-quality, non-toxic stone paint exterior wall to prevent algae and fungi from preventing algae and fungi. Staying comfortable and clean, this process is water resistant, prevents swelling and flaking, and creates an atmospheric, solemn, sacred look.

According to the current construction method, this stone paint process can be easily applied to various types of exterior wall surfaces, such as cylindrical, angled, curved, and also applicable to various materials such as concrete and mortar. , PC, GRC, cement board, tile, etc., in response to the ever-changing architectural design, reduce the cost of stone guest.

Through the rigorous construction process of the old house, the perfect stone paint wall with firm texture, waterproof and weather resistance, mildew and alkali resistance, and no fading.

The advantages of the old house skins using stone paint construction:
1) The coating film can be made into a flat or a variety of three-dimensional patterns.
2) The color is rich and rich, the layering is strong, and it will not change color due to ubiquinone, sun exposure and chemical erosion.
3) Elegant and natural imitation stone appearance effect, convenient construction, no public danger, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
4) Original luxury and heavy natural stone decoration features.
5) Since the coating film is moisture permeable, it can prevent accidents from swelling and peeling.
6) Low-pollution structure is easy to remove dirt with rainwater, and the dirt is not obvious.
7) Luxurious and superb stone paint finishes can show a variety of 95% similar stone patterns.
8) Ultra-durable and highly weather-resistant stone topcoat with water-based organic silicone resin and ceramic aggregate for pigmented coating for high durability and high weatherability.
9) It has the function of adjusting the flatness defect of the wall surface, covering small cracks on the wall surface and adjusting the surface roughness.
10) Anti-algae and fungus production, and can maintain a comfortable and clean sterile home.

Applicable substrate for old house leather stone paint:
1) Repair various old paint films on the surface (stone coating materials, spray tiles, elastic tiles, acrylic acid lysine and other old paint films).
2) Various new building materials. (site concrete, mortar, PC, GRC, extruded cement board, etc.)

applied area:                                                            
Interior and exterior walls of buildings. (detached houses, apartments, shops, public facilities, luxury homes, etc.)
The tools used include small shovel, comb brush, brush, etc. The single method can be used to create a single level, or mix and match, change the various levels, etc., and choose the color and three-dimensional pattern according to personal preference. The creative texture paint is suitable for the outer wall of the skin, which can replace the exterior wall waterproof paint project, creating a unique bright and beautiful waterproof feature. Painting the outdoor wall can add three-dimensional changes to the outer wall, if the paint is used indoors The main wall creates a visual focus, while the three-dimensional pattern adds space to the creative effect.

More than 32 kinds of textures to choose from, professionally matched with special tools, can create a variety of embossed patterns, compared to the traditional flat exterior wall paint, creating a completely different visual effect, different designs of the same type, for the outer wall to shape A variety of new and new.

Wall creativity, created by you! Whether it is refurbishment of the exterior wall or interior wall of the art, ChengLin innovative coating experts have adopted the world's highest specification, ribon Nippon engineering coatings to meet all different customer needs; 4 styles, 32 kinds change, more than 100 colors, in line with JIS A6909 eight specifications, with excellent water resistance of exterior wall waterproof paint engineering, can also track fine cracks, prevent rainwater from penetrating inside and outside the wall, and use the most advanced bio-engineering technology to prevent algae and mold Breeding and protecting the health of the family.

ChengLin innovative embossed art exterior wall derrick method uses a multi-layered and highly difficult coating construction method. Before the exterior wall is decorated, it cleans the wall surface, strengthens the wall surface, and the substrate coating to the outermost layer of the wall. Using the world's most rigorous top-level coating technology, the Asian Nippon system engineering coatings, which is the Asian sales champion, not only makes the relief more solid, the pattern is thicker, but also creates a variety of aesthetic relief effects, and has a high degree of weather resistance. Wall paint, can choose different exterior wall embossing paint matching paint according to demand, has elastic function, can cover fine lines on the wall, and adopts highly non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe water-based paint system, which is exposed to the sun for a long time outdoors. The harsh environment of exhaust air pollution can still make the color performance exceed the color, bright and new, and has excellent adhesion, can resist the worst natural conditions, and is the first highest-grade exterior wall waterproofing product in Taiwan, completely avoiding The problem of seepage wall cancer on the inner wall caused by the decoration of the outer wall.

This process is suitable for a wide variety of exterior wall zipper surfaces, such as reinforced concrete, tiles, brick walls, dice and so on.
According to different texture effects, different construction methods are used to form a wall surface with a three-dimensional effect. It is mainly used for the construction of new buildings and exterior walls of houses, restaurants, buildings, schools, etc., external wall painting, exterior wall construction, old house skins, house skins, maintenance works, especially suitable for the occurrence of water leakage caused by fine cracks. Painted on the surface of a wall that has fallen, such as bricks.

※Depending on the site construction environment, the upper three-dimensional paint pattern may be different from the actual pattern.


House peeling exterior wall construction method, tile, cultural brick, etc.
Asian sales champion, Japan's Nippon latest cultural brick spraying method, quickly help your outer wall to pull the skin, the short construction period will make your house sparrow become a phoenix, still endure the urban area is beautiful, the wall is full of dirt and Is the outer wall of the mildew? The problem of damage and spalling of the outer wall culture brick is mainly caused by the following reasons: the strength of the cultural brick adhesive is insufficient or the interface between the adhesive and the cement mortar is damaged, and the substrate structure of the outer wall culture brick is attached. The body is inflated, the external wall construction is not properly treated, and the wall is not completely cleaned when the foundation is painted. The culture brick is stuck with the cement material because of poor water retention and fast drying. It is hardened before the tile is attached, and the thickness of the clay is not enough. The tile is not embedded deep enough, lacking the strength of the joint. The expansion and contraction of the tile is not properly disposed, the wall is cracked, the moisture is heavy, the sun is hot, the rain is low, and the earthquake occurs frequently. The high temperature reached 50~60 degrees, and suddenly a violent thunderstorm, the sudden temperature change caused the shedding. Moreover, the retro red magnetic brick wall has always been the mainstream construction method of Taiwan's two ding, but such external wall construction method is not only difficult to maintain, but also more likely to cause safety problems.
If you like the exterior wall of cultural bricks or retro brick art, but worry about the maintenance, safety and cost of the construction of the two-story tiles, the texture sand art culture brick is definitely the best choice for you.

There is no need to knock out the old tile house.
Step 1: The basic substrate leveling treatment
It adopts advanced Nippon Paint full-effect leveling universal coating king, which is a new two-component base layer processing product. This product is the best flat coating in Japan, the outer wall peeling method champion, all kinds of wall leveling without knocking out Old tile, universal paint king set waterproof, crack-resistant, leveling, repair full function, all kinds of wall problems, Nippon Paint full-effect leveling universal paint king once solved, clean taste technology, formula green, indoor and outdoor can be used. The top-grade substrate of Japan's Nippon system with good waterproof and crack-resistant functions lays a good foundation for the overall wall surface and prevents wall cracking and water seepage caused by insufficient substrate processing.

Step 2: Primer painting
The primer is applied to effectively seal the capillary pores of the base layer to prevent the infiltration of the harmful substances in the base layer, and to reinforce the secondary foundation to protect the paint surface from erosion.

step 3: The line division According to the design requirements, the elastic lines are separated, and the dividing tape is adhered along the dividing stitches to ensure that the sticking is straight and compact.

step 4: Painting
According to the actual situation of the construction site, the paint will be blended according to the requirements. According to the rigorous Japanese Nippon State, the old house skinning specification will be applied. The multi-pass paint will bring the wall paint to the best condition, and then the surface will be straightened according to the design effect. Horizontal detail processing.

Step 5: Remove the textured paper
Create fine-grained art and create unique designs.

Step 6: Protect the paint
After the exterior wall construction is completely dry, the Nippon Paint is completely dried and sprayed or sprayed on the wall surface to achieve the effects of protection, anti-fouling, waterproofing and anti-algae, so that the sand art culture brick house pulls the outer wall of the skin and the effect remains long. like new.

Super anti-UV
Water-based and environmentally friendly, do not add lead, mercury, chromium and other heavy metals and formaldehyde and other toxic substances, it is very important not to add toxic substances, because new homes or new furniture have a [new] taste, in fact, it is the taste of carcinogenic formaldehyde, free formaldehyde will Stimulate the eyes, throat, chest, etc., long-term inhalation will destroy part of the body's tissue, so that the body's immunity is reduced.

What is formaldehyde?
Formaldehyde is a flammable, colorless, transparent gas with a strong pungent smell.
35%-40% formaldehyde solution is commonly known as formalin.
Formaldehyde has good bonding and anti-corrosion properties. So it can be combined with many products.
Formaldehyde resins are used in a variety of building materials, plywood, blankets, insulation, wood products, flooring, tobacco, decoration and decorative materials.

Super elastic
Made of high-grade emulsion and special grade filler with low-odor technology, no pungent smell during construction or after drying

Super heat insulation
Good hiding power and easy construction. It can keep the color of the wall bright and long-saturation, and it is not easy to fade and discolor.

Alkali-resistant mildew
In a humid environment, it can inhibit mold growth for a long time, can effectively prevent paint from flouring, and maintain a clean and healthy home.

Elastic paint film
The new functional coatings have more than 310% of the elastic properties, and the excellent ductility effectively covers the fine cracks on the walls of the old houses. In order to maintain the beautiful appearance of the home, it can reduce the problems of indoor water seepage and wall cancer in the future. Suitable for use in Taiwan where earthquakes are frequent.

The water-based functional waterproof coating is made of high-tech Eco-Cooling heat-reflecting technology and hollow insulating beads. It integrates high solar radiation reflection, reduces heat transfer and other properties, effectively improves the overall heat insulation effect, and is a water-based heat-insulating functional waterproof coating developed for innovation.

In addition, it uses super weather-resistant mica and special elastic composite polymer synthetic resin, which has high elasticity, good ductility, resistance to sun exposure, hardening and embrittlement, and good adhesion and adhesion. It has excellent long-term waterproof effect. With self-cleaning anti-fouling resin, good water-based construction, environmentally friendly and odor-free characteristics, you can easily have the double protection effect of the old house renovation home waterproofing and heat insulation.

ChengLin innovative use of Japan's Nippon, patented clear water mold concrete coating, to use the wall of the water mold to obtain the best protection and the best color, ChengLin innovation has a professional clear water mold coating system, for Ensure that the clean water mold wall has the functions of waterproof, acid and alkali resistance and high weather resistance. At the same time, for environmental protection, the wall can resist high heat, UV, acid rain, pollution, algae, mold and environmental friendliness. Maintains aesthetics and saves on maintenance costs that are not re-cleaned.

Japanese patent, water mold decoration waterproof coating, construction case:


Rendering External Walls

construction method and the peeling process are all constructed in accordance with the Japanese standard. The whole process is painted with NIPPON PAINT system for

Rendering External Walls

construction. It can be used for all materials of tile materials, for exterior wall waterproofing,

Rendering External Walls

, rind direct refurbishment, leveling coverage, and the entire process using JP method is not Bricks must be removed! Shorten the construction period, reduce the cost, and quickly help you to make old house renovations.