Embossed paint

What is the three-dimensional Embossed paint? Many friends will have doubts about this. Everyone will actually see this style of Embossed paint wall surface. It may be embossed in some tourist attractions or some buildings, but it is not like carving, but also watching It is very artistic and three-dimensional design style, which is a three-dimensional Embossed paint.
In fact, he is not a sculpture art, but through a thick-edged architectural

Embossed paint

coating, using a spray gun spray construction method to achieve the effect of relief, spray the paint onto the wall substrate with a spray gun, and then paint When it is in a damp state, it is flattened with the relevant tools, and then an embossed concave and convex free pattern is formed, so that the decorated wall surface has an embossed three-dimensional feeling.
  • Embossed paint - 4-3
Embossed paint
Model - 4-3

During the construction, if the tool is not flattened after spraying, the shape of the relief formed will be a natural embossed pattern. Of course, these embossing patterns will vary depending on the size of the nozzle of the spray gun, and the size of the pattern formed will be different. In addition, it is also possible to use a special pattern roller to roll out a specific pattern, or to pull out a wave-shaped free pattern to achieve a different look and feel.

This kind of design is not only applied to the wall of the outer wall at present. In particular, the design and sense of art of the family are now paying attention to more and more people applying such wall design to the interior wall and letting the wall of the house It is no longer just an ordinary white wall, but the creation of each wall has its own unique three-dimensional art paint style.

When constructing a three-dimensional embossed art-painted wall, pay special attention to the quality of the construction method and the quality of the paint, the fineness of the construction method, whether there is any concern about the humidity of the wall surface, the humidity of the environment, etc. At the same time, the quality of the paint will greatly affect the effect of the construction and the subsequent maintenance and maintenance differences.

A good artistic paint construction quality can be achieved by waterproofing and anti-mildew and antibacterial. A good construction material can reduce the burden on the subsequent home cleaning and maintenance. ChengLin Innovation can do these together. To, through the innovative professional art paint technology construction team of ChengLin, using a variety of construction orthodox techniques and engineering methods, coupled with the application of Japan's Nippon patent system coatings, to ensure that every link is the spirit of ChengLin innovative professional craftsman, let home It is not just a comfortable home, but also a healthy and environmentally friendly home. It has a strong and unique design.
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