Multicolor textured paint

Special paints and coatings combined with different painting tools make the paint no longer just a flat surface. It has a variety of three-dimensional patterns, which not only enriches the space, but also has a sense of sight and touch.
Generally, the common

Multicolor textured paint

are mostly presented in a flat manner, but in order to make the special paint not only provide the wall coloring function, the three-dimensional texture paint and the creative pattern paint are combined with the painting tool, and the function of creating expression is also provided. Like the design of the creative color, using the water-based Silicone Japan's Nippon system's hardened paint, compared to the general flat paint, we use a thick coating effect, bring a rich color change, and then with different tools and construction process mode can also create different textures. The use of tools, including small shovel, comb brush, brush, etc., to create a single level, or mix and match methods, change a variety of levels, etc., according to personal preferences for color, three-dimensional pattern selection. The creative pattern paint is suitable for indoor and outdoor walls. Painting on the outdoor wall can add three-dimensional changes to the outer wall. For the indoor main wall, the visual focus can be established, and the three-dimensional pattern can add space for emotion and temperature.
  • Multicolor textured paint - 4-1
Multicolor textured paint
Model - 4-1
The advantage of mold proof paint is that
1. Anti-mold paint is water-resistant enough to prevent mold growth. The special lacquer coatings of the Nippon system that ChengLin uses innovatively can not only be applied to the outer wall, but also can be used on the inner wall. In addition to creating rich expressions, the coatings are made of water-based reactive hardening resin. Water resistance, used on the wall, can prevent moss, mold growth, it has good water vapor permeability, and can prevent condensation damage to buildings.

2. Thickness treatment creates texture. Generally, the coatings are mostly applied in a flat coating and belong to the water-based Silicone hardening type coating.

3. Anti-mold paint color patterns are diverse and diverse. Color selection can be made according to personal preferences, and can also be customized to match the color of the color. As for the pattern, there are currently more than 32 kinds of textures to choose from, in addition to a single method, showing a single level, can also create a multi-faceted, diverse texture performance by mashup.

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