External wall waterproofing

Long and narrow day-to-day transformation, external wall aging, in addition to the ugly wall, more important is the problem of water leakage, even if the interior design is beautiful, the External wall waterproofing is not done well, every rain will leak, wall wall cancer The woodworking, paint, wallpaper and other water-resistant building materials that have been painstakingly done are all damaged. More serious, the allergens caused by wall cancer endanger the health of the family. Therefore, the outer wall of the house is selected from Nippon architectural coatings. The most recommended method is once and for all, because the exterior wall is waterproof and beautiful for more than 20 years.
The water seepage of the external wall of the tile is usually caused by factors such as cracks in the external wall, cracks in the tile or ridges of the tile. Considering the appearance of the building and the waterproofing effect of the overall exterior wall, the

External wall waterproofing

needs to be considered as a whole, and the waterproofing of the outer wall of the single floor should be avoided as much as possible.
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External wall waterproofing
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For the exterior wall of the house, the external wall that plays the role of direct protection must be the focus of building protection. Ignoring the problem of waterproofing and detail cracking of the exterior wall of the house will become a potential hidden danger of leakage. Once the wall of the house is cracked, peeled off, moldy, water seepage, etc., it not only affects the function of the building, but also seriously affects the overall appearance.

In the face of the chilly and rainy climate pattern in Taiwan, the water seepage area is often the outer wall of the narrow and long sky, and the external wall of the building has been cracked. Whether it is the continuous erosion of rain, the corrosion of acid gas components, or the change of seasons and day and night. The resulting temperature difference causes the wall to expand and contract, forming a crack, which will cause the more severe water seepage problem in the narrow and long sky in the rainy season.

In order to ensure the waterproof quality of the exterior wall of the house, all the projects need to start from the basic treatment, first remove the old aging external wall, and then repair the problematic wall surface, which has reached the standard requirements for the wall of the outer wall of the house. . Therefore, the external wall waterproof construction, the outer wall must first have enhanced and stable protection. If the base layer does not have sufficient waterproof strength, it will easily begin to hollow and crack on the surface, which will destroy the decorative effect and protective function of the exterior finish layer of the building and face early failure.

For the homeowner, waterproof and crack-resistant, beautiful and indispensable, external wall waterproofing is a fine project, the final quality and effect and material selection, construction environment, construction personnel level and many other factors have great factors. Relationships, high standards of quality products, combined with controllable construction quality, will greatly reduce the risk of leakage of the outer wall of the house.

Therefore, we adopt the Nippon construction engineering system, the exterior wall waterproof high performance coating, used for indoor and outdoor walls of different materials, such as cement mortar, wood and metal, to provide excellent protection for the walls. Its super weather resistance can withstand a long time, the wind blows rain or the erosion of alkaline substances, and it is as stable as Taishan.

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