Old house renovation

The most urgent issue in China in 2020 is the Old house renovation. The average age of the whole Taiwan is getting older and older. When it is affected by the scourge of the sun in the sun, the wind and rain and the earthquake, plus the island-type country. Frequent typhoons and frequent earthquakes have caused the surface of the house to rise and crack, which in turn caused the tiles to fall. At present, the outer walls of Taiwan's old houses have broken bricks, which not only affects the overall appearance of the building, but also causes damage to the people.
In the early days, the old houses in Taiwan were mainly made up of two tiles, and the chances of peeling off after a long period of weathering were greatly improved. Similar news that jeopardized the safety of pedestrians was endless. Old house owners not only had to take government penalties, but they were also more likely to be responsible for being Trapped pedestrian medical mental compensation and other complicated problems.
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Old house renovation
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In the high housing prices, the purchase of old houses has become an option for many people, and it is particularly important to renovate the old houses and renovate the old houses. Through the accumulated engineering experience, ChengLin Innovation constantly adjusts the construction methods to achieve quality. Optimization, renovation of the old building with tile surface, due to the different materials of the tile, it is bound to be different in process and difficulty from other renovations. In the past, the old-fashioned method required the brick to be processed, which resulted in additional cost. In addition to the cost of the scaffolding and the clearing of freight, the cost of demolition of bricks also causes environmental and air pollution, and it also has a long construction period and high risk.
ChengLin Innovation has launched a set of Japan's strongest new and efficient “knock-free brickwork method” for the renovation of exterior wall buildings such as tiles, tile tiles, two-story bricks and mosaic tiles.
The “free brick removal method” does not need to knock out the old tiles, the appearance surface is knocked out to the RC layer one by one, reducing the huge cost, saving man-hours, and not polluting the environment and noise, so that the external wall can be old. Renovation of the house, renovation and renovation of the old house.
Based on each client's budget and preferences, ChengLin Innovation provides the most detailed estimation and analysis, using the highest specification of old house renovation methods, and the highest quality Japanese Nippon patented coatings, especially for defective cement mortar surfaces, concrete. The outer wall of any material is treated so that each homeowner can be 100% satisfied with the construction quality and immediately re-new a new home.
We will work hard to confirm all construction work.
1) Environmental conditions, whether it is hot or dry or humid
2) Rainy and humid will extend the construction interval, please be patient and wait for drying
3) We have a sort of SOP process for construction on the corner construction.
4) The wall has SOP grinding time, please don't worry about it.

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