Building facelift, the house prices are going higher

Generally speaking, the old building is refurbished through the construction of the building, and the house price can be increased by at least 20%. If the location is good, the environment may even rise by 3 or 40%! However, traditional construction skinning often takes several months and is costly; if it is replaced by paint, it can save nearly one-third of the cost, nearly three-quarters of the time, and more than 1,000 kinds. Pattern color, rich color matching to choose, so that the old house can easily rejuvenate!
The house is the same as the people. For a long time, it will always go along with the years. The stripping of the tiles, the seepage of the outer walls, the wall cancer, and the fading outside the house will affect the family fortune.
  • Building facelift, the house prices are going higher - 6-1-04
Building facelift, the house prices are going higher
Model - 6-1-04

Only need to open the skin for the construction of the external wall, not only can change the face immediately, so that the house can be restored to the past, can also take advantage of this opportunity to reinforce the structure, solve problems such as wall cancer and bricks, and extend the life of the building.

Moreover, during the construction of the external wall, the residents do not need to find a temporary residence, or they can continue to live in the house; Fang Zhongye also pointed out that after the construction of the old house, the house price and rent will immediately rise, the increase is at least 10%. If it is located in a good area of the location, the increase is relatively larger. For example, the Donghua Building, located opposite the Taipei Municipal Building, has nearly doubled in price after construction, and the Blue Sky Hyatt Building in the Far Business Circle is also a classic masterpiece of architectural leather.

Free-to-remove brick construction, coating engineering for lower cost and longer lasting use

The traditional architectural peeling is to first remove the outer wall tiles, shave the old lacquered surface, and then repair the wall and steel rust and rust removal. The construction period is long; the construction cost is selected according to the choice. The building materials range from 6,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan per square meter or tens of thousands of yuan. However, the traditional construction of the skinning project is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and often generates noise, waste and huge construction costs!

Advanced countries such as Europe, America, and Japan have already used paint to replace tiles! The latest building peeling project is directly converted to a beautiful and environmentally friendly paint to renovate the exterior wall of the home; compared with other inferior exterior wall building materials, ChengLin innovative building renovation system, It adopts Nippon Nippon Paint, which is non-toxic, non-polluting and non-flammable. It does not produce the strong pungent smell and toxicity of traditional oily enamel thinner. It can be used for more than 30 years and the external wall is easy to clean. With more than 1000 kinds of colorful advantages, it has strong adhesion and waterproof characteristics, can be strongly attached to all kinds of wall surface, and can directly fill any building materials when leveling construction, eliminating the time to remove the tiles, and also preventing Water penetrates into the wall, completely insulting the destruction of nature and reducing the incidence of wall cancer.

The construction of the paint can make the construction of the skinning project more trouble-free. It only needs to replace the one-third working hours and one-half of the cost of the tile method, and the building skin can be easily completed, and the appearance of the building can be completely beautified and transformed. Choose from more than 1,000 rich colors, with a variety of design styles, create a variety of simulation materials, and can prevent mildew and antibacterial.

Nowadays, in order to speed up the pace of urban renewal, all counties and cities have subsidies for applications, making the construction of the leather cheaper, while the renovated houses are better sold, and the innovative Nippon Paint system used by ChengLin has The characteristics of not easy to fall off and chip, will not cause danger or damage due to earthquake, and make the building look more vibrant.

Beijing Aidi School, which uses Japan's Nippon Paint to renovate the exterior wall, is bright and beautiful.

The 6-point advantage of the unremovable brick building Lapi and ChengLin innovative refurbished system will be understood after reading:
1. Environmental protection: no need to dismantle the magnetic brick wall surface, destroy the wall structure and reduce the production of a large amount of construction waste.
2. Quiet: It can be leveled directly on the tile or any material surface. The bricks are free from noise and will not cause the tranquility of the neighbors.
3. Short repair time: no need to remove the tiles, the construction time is only 1/3 of the traditional.
4. Save a lot of budget: As long as the cost is 1/2 of the tile, the anti-fouling and weather-resistant effect is more than 2 times that of the tile, which directly reduces the number of cleaning in the future and reduces the maintenance cost.
5. Diversified design: more than 1000 kinds of colors and patterns, to meet the needs of the occupants, to create European and American architectural appearance.
6. High safety: the weight is lighter than the tile and all building materials, does not increase the structural weight of the building, and increases the safety of the building body.

1. Building peeling can restore the house to the sun and prolong its service life.
2. You can reinforce the structure by refurbishing the external wall and solve problems such as wall cancer or brick falling.
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