House exterior facelift, beautiful for more than 20 years

1) Is there really a need for the outer wall of the old building?
First, it can solve the problem of water seepage.
The exterior wall of the old building, under the long-term sun, rain, and earthquake, it is easy to appear the water-repellent material of the waterproof material, the water content of the tile and the window frame becomes high, causing the tile or The window frame fell off and even caused cracks in the outer wall structure! Therefore, it is easy to cause problems such as wall seepage and wall wall cancer. If you want to solve this kind of problem comprehensively, the first thing is to improve the outer wall of the aging building!
Second, quickly solve the problem of falling tiles.
Most of the buildings in Taiwan today use the two-story tiling project, so most of the façades of the old buildings have been detached. If there is no immediate problem, the problem should be properly handled. The tiles fall and hurt the households, pedestrians or It is a vehicle. The management committee of the building must bear the responsibility for casualties and damages. The members of the relevant building management committee must bear criminal responsibility. Therefore, it is imperative that the outer wall of the building be completely refurbished.
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House exterior facelift, beautiful for more than 20 years
Model - 6-1-03
2) What are the advantages of the old building's exterior wall?
First, improve the texture of the building
If you are in a star location or a building with convenient living facilities, after the exterior of the renovation building, you can greatly increase the value of the building itself by about 10% to 20%, and quickly close the new home. The price gap creates a better home price.

Second, create a higher value for the house
According to statistics, most of the second-hand housing market in the same district will be caused by "the age of the house", "the appearance is old", "the earthquake on the outer wall of the building" and so on. The house price is almost 50% of the price of the new home. And what about the house price after the renovation of the outer wall of the building? Of course, many buildings have returned to the price of new homes, so that they can once again have the opportunity to create better housing prices.

3) The cost of pulling the skin on the outer wall of the building. Is the household allocation calculated at the "price per unit" or the "percentage of the flat"?
Because the outer wall of the building involves all the households, once the outer wall of the building is to be pulled, it is necessary to communicate with the entire neighbor in advance and seek the consent of all the households. The expenses must be shared by all the households. The amount of the apportionment will vary depending on the method of calculation. Generally, it can be divided into "per unit price per ping" and "ping ratio". The calculated number of pings is based on the number of pings in the household's indoor ownership.

Conversion method:
The total cost of each household owner (the proportion of the number of pings)
(Differentiation of Owner's Indoor Ownership pings / Building Ownership Total Ownership pings) x Total construction cost, cost per ping of each household (unit price per ping), total cost per household share / Owner's indoor ownership ( Ping) However, because of the cost of the apportionment, it may take several thousand yuan. Therefore, even if most of the households are willing to pay, a small number of households will not be willing, because a few households complain that the payment is too high. Most of them are difficult to reach a consensus. However, in 2019, the government also provided subsidies for the external walls of the building, providing residents to apply for the outer wall of the skin. The county and city governments have subsidies for the external walls of the building in order to encourage the people to carry out the renovation of the old houses. The plan suggests that you can ask the city update office of each county and city for the application method.

In addition, if the owner wants to apply for the exterior wall of the building, if it has been installed on the external wall, such as iron windows, balconies or other 2 construction extensions, the process will be due to the proportion and quantity of illegal construction. And discretionary deduction of the amount of subsidies, even if not approved, will be deducted up to 15% of the subsidy, so if the building's external walls are illegally built, it is not suitable for application, it may be difficult to pass the application, if passed, In addition to affecting the amount of subsidies, the other scheme means that all the homeowners will lift the outer wall of the building at their own expense.

For the problem of falling bricks, for example, in Taipei City, there is a proposal for the renovation of the external wall of the building, as long as the legally owned private building with a house age of more than 10 years and the tile peeling off The external wall is facing the sidewalk, which seriously jeopardizes the safety of walking. The Taipei City Government will subsidize the two costs of "the crane fee" and "the construction cost of the outer wall of the building". 40,000 yuan, detailed information can be asked to the Taipei City Government Urban Renewal Office.

More detailed information on the cost of the exterior wall of the building, the waterproofing of the exterior wall, the peeling of the outer wall, the application of the external wall, and the technical team of ChengLin Innovation, ChengLin Innovation will provide you with the most professional Consultation on exterior wall renovation/exterior wall engineering/exterior wall renovation.

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