Must be so expensive? Comparison of external wall facelift

At present, the most urgent need of Taiwan's architecture is to implement the outer wall to protect safety and health. Because Taiwan is an island country, the typhoon of large and small earthquakes is extremely frequent, and the climate is hot and humid, earthquakes, moisture, and sea salt are exceeding the standard. These are the risk factors for destroying old buildings. Therefore, with the years and natural disasters, many building exterior walls Tiles have been dropped, mottled defects, and often tiled rain. If the appearance is dirty and ugly, it can barely be tolerated. What makes people worry every day is that the building layer is peeled off due to poor construction quality or cement calcification, and serious or even the structure has deteriorated. This is a pedestrian and actual crossing. For the occupants, there is a high risk of being safe!
However, there are hundreds of ways to pull the skin on the outer wall. The method, price and time are different. In addition, the outer wall of the skin should be agreed by the residents of the whole building, and it is often impossible to carry out smoothly under various considerations.
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Must be so expensive? Comparison of external wall facelift
Model - 6-1-01
Nowadays, there are three ways to use the main external wall derrick method. Which method is right for you?

Generally, before doing the outer wall peeling, the following six conditions will be considered.

1. Stone exterior wall peeling or tile exterior wall peeling
Waterproof: Cracks can cause water seepage and water leaks.
Construction fee: eagle cost, removal fee, clear shipping fee, environmental disposal fee, external wall leveling fee, tile re-sticking fee, tile or stone raw material fee.
Durability: According to the use of tiles, the quality of the material itself, and the difference in durability between the tiling methods, the cement sand has no waterproof function, and the waterproofness of all brand paints is no more than 5-6 years.
Construction period: long.
Safety: Water leaking wall cancer occurs due to factors such as years, earthquakes, typhoons and other factors. The damage of the tile damage is high, and the tile rain often causes pedestrian casualties.

2. Iron skin derby
Waterproof: The degree of tightness is general, so it is easy to seep when it is exposed to heavy rain, and rust is also likely to cause damage due to damage.
Construction fee: iron sheet fee, crane fee.
Durability: Short, in the current air quality, it is easy to accelerate the rust situation, the summer temperature will be as high as 60 ̊C~80 ̊C.
Construction period: Short.
Safety: Serious typhoon flying, rust body injury, rust health and waterproof problems.
Aesthetics: Poor, slums mostly use tin houses
3. Paint exterior wall peeling
Waterproof: Multi-layer foundation method, good paint can also remove bacteria, mildew, anti-algae, waterproof, anti-seismic crack.
Construction costs: low, the same size, the cost of construction is much lower than the tile exterior wall, stone exterior wall or glass curtain.
Durability: Simple maintenance, low renewal costs and long service life.
Construction period: The scaffolding must be built and the construction time is short.
Safety: no falling, flying and wounding problems, no rust and mold, causing health problems, no cracking and waterproofing problems.

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