The problem the exterior wall of the house must be solved

Most of the domestic houses have already required the outer wall of the house. Because the house has been built for a long time, the exterior wall of the house has been growing for a long time, and the cement layer structure has gradually become old and white, and many annoying problems will begin to rise on the table.
How to check if there is any problem with your house? How to confirm that your house does not need the outer wall of the house? Basically, you can observe directly from the outer wall surface and the inner wall surface to check whether there are cracks on the wall surface. Cracks in the inner wall may be observed in our daily life, but is there any crack in the outer wall crack? Because the cracks in the outer wall are often caused by earthquakes or poor construction during construction, because there is no special notice, acidic rainwater will begin to infiltrate from these places, erode the wall, and then cause wall cancer problems on the inner wall. More serious is the health problem.
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The problem the exterior wall of the house must be solved
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When applying the outer wall of the house, the first thing is to clean the wall and carefully check if any cracks are generated. If there is a crack, it should be applied as a crack repairing project. Why is it repaired rather than filled? The general filling is repaired by high-pressure perfusion foaming agent, which seems to be able to quickly repair the cracks. In fact, the mold roots and bacteria are not cleaned at the same time. Therefore, ChengLin uses high-pressure cleaning and then adds On the V-CUT method, the wall surface is completely removed without damage to the structure, and then repaired, filled, and repaired, cleaned, waterproofed, and mildewed.

In addition to the filling of the cracks, the problem to be solved in the outer wall of the house is that the tiles and the wall are peeled off and damaged, and the general tiles are peeled off, because the new tiles of the glaze are poorly colored, if only a small piece is filled, The appearance is not good, but if you want to destroy the entire wall, you must first spend the cleaning fee, clear the freight, and then spend the raw material and construction costs of the tile, often the cost of a house wall It’s hard to afford and it’s prohibitive.

Now there is a more cost-effective way to repair the wall, renovate the wall, waterproof and mold, save the budget through ChengLin innovative multi-layer method of exterior wall coating. Of course, because of the quality difference of the exterior wall coating, the price Costs and years of use will vary, so choosing a good coating is more important than choosing a cheaper coating. Choosing a good construction is more important than choosing a cheaper construction!

※ Japanese patent coating construction case

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