Exterior wall construction

The Exterior wall construction is free of knocking tiles and directly covering the refurbished painted texture paint. This is an era of self-style. The Exterior wall construction of Nippon color texture paint is also a place to show the style, the highest grade engineering texture in Nippon, Japan paint, combined with the master's professional skills and different painting tools, so that the paint is no longer just a flat surface, with a variety of three-dimensional patterns, not only rich in space, visual and tactile feelings.
Japan and Europe and the United States generally common apartment leather project, the

Exterior wall construction

using textured paint, mostly in a flat way, but in order to make the paint not only provide the wall coloring function, combined with the painting tool to create a three-dimensional pattern of creative texture paint, It also provides the effect of creating expressions. Compared to the general flat coating, the creative color art is treated with a thick coating effect. There are more than 32 kinds of textures to choose from, which can bring out rich color changes and different textures with different tools.
  • Exterior wall construction - 2-3
Exterior wall construction
Model - 2-3
The tools used include small shovel, comb brush, brush, etc. The single method can be used to create a single level, or mix and match, change the various levels, etc., and choose the color and three-dimensional pattern according to personal preference. The creative texture paint is suitable for the outer wall of the skin, which can replace the exterior wall waterproof paint project, creating a unique bright and beautiful waterproof feature. Painting the outdoor wall can add three-dimensional changes to the outer wall, if the paint is used indoors The main wall creates a visual focus, while the three-dimensional pattern adds space to the creative effect.

More than 32 kinds of textures to choose from, professionally matched with special tools, can create a variety of embossed patterns, compared to the traditional flat exterior wall paint, creating a completely different visual effect, different designs of the same type, for the outer wall to shape A variety of new and new.

Wall creativity, created by you! Whether it is refurbishment of the exterior wall or interior wall of the art, ChengLin innovative coating experts have adopted the world's highest specification, ribon Nippon engineering coatings to meet all different customer needs; 4 styles, 32 kinds change, more than 100 colors, in line with JIS A6909 eight specifications, with excellent water resistance of exterior wall waterproof paint engineering, can also track fine cracks, prevent rainwater from penetrating inside and outside the wall, and use the most advanced bio-engineering technology to prevent algae and mold Breeding and protecting the health of the family.
Exterior Wall Coating
Apartment Peel Tile Exterior Wall
Glass Curtain Wall
Durability 8~35 years 35 years 20 years
Original Guarantee 8~15 years No 2~10 years
Environmental Protection
Substrate Processing 1.Recommended for Exterior Wall Waterproofing, best coating
2.No construction waste, better environmental protection, low construction cost
1.Apartment Peel / Old House Peel / Knockout / Clearance / Pink / Waterproof
2.Produce a lot of construction waste, less environmentally friendly
House Peel / Apartment Peel No need for substrate processing (but it is necessary to carry out the structural modification of the external wall, the construction is not easy)
Stain resistance 1.Hydrophilic self-cleaning
2.No need to clean the external wall, save water resources and reduce the amount of cleaning agent
Hydrophilic glazed tiles must be cleaned every 1 year, Exterior Wall Construction required every 3 years, External Wall Waterproofing paint project 1.Lipophilic lotus leaf effect
2.Easy to leave water marks
3.Every 1 year must be cleaned, every 3 years need Exterior Wall Construction, External Wall Waterproof paint project
Seam Treatment Exterior Wall Construction without seams (easy to keep clean), no residual dirt 1.Application as cement mortar
2.Easy to stain, chalk, need to be cleaned regularly
Exterior Wall Construction, External Wall Waterproofing paint engineering, filled with Silicone
Seam Durability 18~35 years More than 3 years More than 10 years
Construction Time More than 15 days More than 60 days More than 30 days
Construction Difficulty Easy Not Easy Difficult
Color Selectivity Many Not Many Less
Surface Material Many Less Less
Construction Maintenance Costs
Construction Costs 1,600~2,500/m² 1,800~2,500/m² 4,500~6,500/m²
Update Cost Again 500~2,000/m² 1,800~2,500/m² 4,500~6,500/m²
Note: The above tile grades must meet the hydrophilic surface standard. Exterior Wall Paint is based on Nippon Paint.
(Sources: Nippon Paint)

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