External wall facelift method

It is a fascinating color wall painting material with a three-dimensional texture and embossed lacquer of External wall facelift method. The wall after the exterior wall decoration looks like an embossed three-dimensional look, so it is called the embossed effect. The embossed art and the advanced countries in Europe, America and Japan have been widely used in the art of large-scale installations, and are rarely used in the exterior walls of buildings. In recent years, the Taiwan government has implemented the reduction of the use of two bricks to reduce the pedestrian safety caused by the peeling of tiles. The application of External wall facelift method has gradually begun to accept the use of paint. This kind of construction can not only reduce the cost, but also eliminate the need to knock out the bricks, clean and maintain, and also have the ever-changing three-dimensional paint design.
The design of the past embossed lacquer, or the design of the lacquer, will cause dust and stain in the concave part of the pattern due to dust, acid rain and algae in the air, and it is difficult to design and construct the embossed paint because of the pattern paint and cleaning. So if you don't pay attention to the details when cleaning, it will make the whole wall look dirty, so many people like it but they are discouraged.
  • External wall facelift method - 2-4
External wall facelift method
Model - 2-4

ChengLin innovative embossed art exterior wall derrick method uses a multi-layered and highly difficult coating construction method. Before the exterior wall is decorated, it cleans the wall surface, strengthens the wall surface, and the substrate coating to the outermost layer of the wall. Using the world's most rigorous top-level coating technology, the Asian Nippon system engineering coatings, which is the Asian sales champion, not only makes the relief more solid, the pattern is thicker, but also creates a variety of aesthetic relief effects, and has a high degree of weather resistance. Wall paint, can choose different exterior wall embossing paint matching paint according to demand, has elastic function, can cover fine lines on the wall, and adopts highly non-toxic, environmentally friendly, safe water-based paint system, which is exposed to the sun for a long time outdoors. The harsh environment of exhaust air pollution can still make the color performance exceed the color, bright and new, and has excellent adhesion, can resist the worst natural conditions, and is the first highest-grade exterior wall waterproofing product in Taiwan, completely avoiding The problem of seepage wall cancer on the inner wall caused by the decoration of the outer wall.

This process is suitable for a wide variety of exterior wall zipper surfaces, such as reinforced concrete, tiles, brick walls, dice and so on.
According to different texture effects, different construction methods are used to form a wall surface with a three-dimensional effect. It is mainly used for the construction of new buildings and exterior walls of houses, restaurants, buildings, schools, etc., external wall painting, exterior wall construction, old house skins, house skins, maintenance works, especially suitable for the occurrence of water leakage caused by fine cracks. Painted on the surface of a wall that has fallen, such as bricks.

※Depending on the site construction environment, the upper three-dimensional paint pattern may be different from the actual pattern.


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