Old house remodel

ChengLin Innovation is an expert in Old house remodel and old house renovation. It uses the Japanese Nippon patented architectural coatings. This coating uses innovative and improved resin and mixed high-tech snow titanium powder. It has been proved to be the first in Asia with an excellent 90%. Anti-UV heat reflection ability, really reduce the heat energy absorbed by the Old house remodel building, the outer wall can be widely used in the Old house remodel cement roof, the old house renovation atrium, the old house renovation wall, the unrusted iron construction and other substrates Do a good job of insulating the exterior wall of the old house building and directly reduce the indoor temperature. Just like wearing a cool sensation on the house, it is easy to create a cool and comfortable home environment.
As the weather gets hotter, air-conditioning accounts for up to 10% of global energy consumption. Blowing cold air will destroy the ecology, but it will not blow and may cause heat stroke or even death. In search of a cooling alternative, a new cooling coating was created that could be applied to the surface of an old house like paint and cooled to a temperature at least 6 ° C below ambient.
  • Old house remodel - 2-6
Old house remodel
Model - 2-6
Super anti-UV
Water-based and environmentally friendly, do not add lead, mercury, chromium and other heavy metals and formaldehyde and other toxic substances, it is very important not to add toxic substances, because new homes or new furniture have a [new] taste, in fact, it is the taste of carcinogenic formaldehyde, free formaldehyde will Stimulate the eyes, throat, chest, etc., long-term inhalation will destroy part of the body's tissue, so that the body's immunity is reduced.

What is formaldehyde?
Formaldehyde is a flammable, colorless, transparent gas with a strong pungent smell.
35%-40% formaldehyde solution is commonly known as formalin.
Formaldehyde has good bonding and anti-corrosion properties. So it can be combined with many products.
Formaldehyde resins are used in a variety of building materials, plywood, blankets, insulation, wood products, flooring, tobacco, decoration and decorative materials.

Super elastic
Made of high-grade emulsion and special grade filler with low-odor technology, no pungent smell during construction or after drying

Super heat insulation
Good hiding power and easy construction. It can keep the color of the wall bright and long-saturation, and it is not easy to fade and discolor.

Alkali-resistant mildew
In a humid environment, it can inhibit mold growth for a long time, can effectively prevent paint from flouring, and maintain a clean and healthy home.

Elastic paint film
The new functional coatings have more than 310% of the elastic properties, and the excellent ductility effectively covers the fine cracks on the walls of the old houses. In order to maintain the beautiful appearance of the home, it can reduce the problems of indoor water seepage and wall cancer in the future. Suitable for use in Taiwan where earthquakes are frequent.

The water-based functional waterproof coating is made of high-tech Eco-Cooling heat-reflecting technology and hollow insulating beads. It integrates high solar radiation reflection, reduces heat transfer and other properties, effectively improves the overall heat insulation effect, and is a water-based heat-insulating functional waterproof coating developed for innovation.

In addition, it uses super weather-resistant mica and special elastic composite polymer synthetic resin, which has high elasticity, good ductility, resistance to sun exposure, hardening and embrittlement, and good adhesion and adhesion. It has excellent long-term waterproof effect. With self-cleaning anti-fouling resin, good water-based construction, environmentally friendly and odor-free characteristics, you can easily have the double protection effect of the old house renovation home waterproofing and heat insulation.

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