External wall facelift

In 2020, it is recommended that the External wall facelift should not be demolished, covered with refurbished painted colorful lacquer, and imitation stone paint. ChengLin Innovation provides Japan Nippon Paint and imitation stone paint coating technical support, and the External wall facelift is not removed. The construction method, the technology has reached the strict standards of Nippon Paint, can be used for any exterior wall decoration of your exterior wall, including natural facing stone, such as marble, granite and artificial facade, ceramic The exterior wall tiles are imitation of the original natural color, which can be almost spoiled, durable and resistant to dirt and fall off, beautiful and maintainable. The raw materials have surpassed the original stone, which can fully express the rich and luxurious atmosphere of the building, colorful paint and imitation stone. Paint, rich in color, bright and colorful, with rich and wide performance charm, the degree of color expression and the effect of dripping and swaying can be based on different External wall facelift painting theme, using different colorful paint colors to create completely different pictures. Some are full of brilliance, beautiful colors, some are calm and dignified, and some tend to be plain and concise, solemn.
Special inorganic fillers have excellent environmental performance. After spraying, they can form high-thickness film. The shape is like the rough texture of burnt stone, and the coating of stone-like colorful paint can increase the three-dimensional design.
1.5mm lightweight coating film, the material dosage is economical and sprayed quickly, which can shorten the construction period without increasing the load of the main body of the building. It can be used for the renovation of any old exterior wall material without peeling off, falling and other safety issues.
  • External wall facelift - 2-1
External wall facelift
Model - 2-1

The outer wall is made of the best Japanese Nippon colorful paint, combined with high weathering polymer compound and ceramic glaze powder technology, water-based environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, formaldehyde-free, good elasticity, anti-cracking, high texture, excellent adhesion Force and water resistance, dustproof and anti-algae, make the building last for a long time, with a simple coating method, reproduce various stone lines, with more than 500 kinds of lines, achieving 100% customized design.

100% resin coating, no sand and gravel, smooth surface without voids, excellent stretchability can make up for minor cracks in the base layer, making buildings resistant to pollution, water and weather, providing complete building exterior protection.

In order to ensure the perfection of all construction projects, the company provides customers with the best quality exterior wall beauty engineering, and will provide the following standard testing procedures during construction.
1. Painting environment test: Relative humidity should be below 85%, no rain for 24 hours before and after painting, no condensation, temperature falling at 5 °C~50 °C, and good weather conditions on the day of construction.
2. Confirmation of the substrate status: Confirm that the defects such as crack pores have been fully filled, the surface of the substrate has been cleaned, the concrete moisture content is below 10%, and the pH value is below 9.
3. Control of the coating construction procedure: Confirmation of the plain adjustment, double confirmation of the painting tools, construction methods, dosage, interval..., confirmation of the completion of each coating (construction log).
4. The exterior wall is painted and finished and the final missing improvement test is performed.

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