Exterior wall solid coating

The latest construction method of water mold decoration and waterproofing engineering, construction of Nippon Paint experts, Japan's most popular Exterior wall solid coating, has been widely used in water mold decoration and waterproof, is a representation of Japanese architectural modernism, the surface of the painting is very decorative The effect is also called decorative concrete. The basic idea is that after the concrete is placed, there is no longer any paint coating, tiling, stone, etc., which represents a plain way of concrete. Most people's impression of the Exterior wall solid coating, in addition to the low-key and minimalist aesthetics of the building's appearance, most likely to think that all the case is built, the famous Japanese architect Mr. Ando Tadao, exclusive classical architectural techniques, in fact, the Qingshui mold is a construction project The law is a construction project that must be emphasized and absolutely accurate. Accurate, flat and consistent color, is the highest principle of clear water mold decoration, the total horizontal and vertical error is not more than 3~4 cm, otherwise it can not be integrated after grouting and demoulding, which will affect the post-construction construction time to increase the repair, The production of excess waste affects the on-site engineering environment and also causes harm to nature. Therefore, in order to achieve ultra-high precision, it is necessary to strictly control the construction speed. Careful planning and review before construction can be completed in one time, reducing errors and re-construction losses.
Due to the

Exterior wall solid coating

concrete material, no other decorative materials will be added. Therefore, for the destruction of nature and the resistance to wind and rain, it is necessary to pay great attention to the specifications of the reinforced concrete protective layer in the construction code, so it is very careful in the construction stage. In accordance with the construction professional standards, if it is outsourced construction, it is often far from this, because there is no construction capacity, which is a big problem. However, the

Exterior wall solid coating

concrete structure is quite unique, and it is good at the excellent aesthetics such as the sense of cleanliness and the sense of material. Designers and architects have a strong sense of design and will especially like to love it.
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Exterior wall solid coating
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ChengLin innovative use of Japan's Nippon, patented clear water mold concrete coating, to use the wall of the water mold to obtain the best protection and the best color, ChengLin innovation has a professional clear water mold coating system, for Ensure that the clean water mold wall has the functions of waterproof, acid and alkali resistance and high weather resistance. At the same time, for environmental protection, the wall can resist high heat, UV, acid rain, pollution, algae, mold and environmental friendliness. Maintains aesthetics and saves on maintenance costs that are not re-cleaned.

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