Old house facelift

The Old house facelift is not covered with tiles, mosaics, etc., and is covered with refurbished painted stone paint. There are millions of buildings in Taiwan that are in urgent need of the old wall of the Old house facelift, because there are 3,687,789 old houses in the country for more than 30 years, the market share is 44%; there are 620,642 old houses in the old town of New Taipei for more than 30 years, accounting for the houses in New Taipei City. The ratio is 40%. After 10 years, more than 70% of the 30-year-old house in the whole house will need the outer wall of the Old house facelift, because Taiwan began to popularize the exterior wall method in the 1970s, when the tile was used as the decorative material for the outer wall, the mosaic used from the beginning. Tiles to bricks, and now the outer wall of the building, the use of two-story tiles, and the number of use can be said to be very large, these tiles have been normal and beautiful a few years ago, but the time is long There will be a bunch of problems. It should follow the example of advanced countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan. They have long since not used tiles as exterior walls, and 95% of the exterior walls use paint.
Both people and cars need regular maintenance. In fact, the buildings are the same. The exterior wall tiles will gradually age with time. There may be problems in appearance, safety and function, which will cause the external wall to deteriorate. The most common deterioration of external wall tiles is Baihua, fouling, cracks, bumps and spalling. The slightest deterioration is nothing more than Baihua and fouling. The external wall tiles began to fall off 20 years ago. In recent years, the problem has become more serious, which has affected the overall appearance of the building. The more serious deterioration has cracks, bulges, and peeling. There is a lack of public safety in buildings. There is a more direct relationship between life safety.
  • Old house facelift - 2-2
Old house facelift
Model - 2-2

Nippon: Precious stone art, old house leather stone paint is a kind of sintered paint made of natural stone, using high-purity natural quartz sand as raw material, sintered at 800 ° to 1200 ° high temperature, combined with ceramic and bone. The material creates a rich color of real stone paint, creating a perfect process like real granite and marble brick.

More than 40 kinds of old house leather stone paint exterior wall color, with the unique texture of real natural stone, multi-diagonal line design, can create a variety of three-dimensional shape structure.

Through the innovative standardization production process of Japan's old house, we use the highest quality Japanese Nippon stone paint to create a high-safety, high-quality, non-toxic stone paint exterior wall to prevent algae and fungi from preventing algae and fungi. Staying comfortable and clean, this process is water resistant, prevents swelling and flaking, and creates an atmospheric, solemn, sacred look.

According to the current construction method, this stone paint process can be easily applied to various types of exterior wall surfaces, such as cylindrical, angled, curved, and also applicable to various materials such as concrete and mortar. , PC, GRC, cement board, tile, etc., in response to the ever-changing architectural design, reduce the cost of stone guest.

Through the rigorous construction process of the old house, the perfect stone paint wall with firm texture, waterproof and weather resistance, mildew and alkali resistance, and no fading.

The advantages of the old house skins using stone paint construction:
1) The coating film can be made into a flat or a variety of three-dimensional patterns.
2) The color is rich and rich, the layering is strong, and it will not change color due to ubiquinone, sun exposure and chemical erosion.
3) Elegant and natural imitation stone appearance effect, convenient construction, no public danger, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
4) Original luxury and heavy natural stone decoration features.
5) Since the coating film is moisture permeable, it can prevent accidents from swelling and peeling.
6) Low-pollution structure is easy to remove dirt with rainwater, and the dirt is not obvious.
7) Luxurious and superb stone paint finishes can show a variety of 95% similar stone patterns.
8) Ultra-durable and highly weather-resistant stone topcoat with water-based organic silicone resin and ceramic aggregate for pigmented coating for high durability and high weatherability.
9) It has the function of adjusting the flatness defect of the wall surface, covering small cracks on the wall surface and adjusting the surface roughness.
10) Anti-algae and fungus production, and can maintain a comfortable and clean sterile home.

Applicable substrate for old house leather stone paint:
1) Repair various old paint films on the surface (stone coating materials, spray tiles, elastic tiles, acrylic acid lysine and other old paint films).
2) Various new building materials. (site concrete, mortar, PC, GRC, extruded cement board, etc.)

applied area:                                                            
Interior and exterior walls of buildings. (detached houses, apartments, shops, public facilities, luxury homes, etc.)
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